Community Learning

Get Recruited creates community learning platforms that enable any candidate to achieve career success. Along with the ability to digitally promote the agency’s outstanding reputation, the platform provides the education and information to successfully navigate candidates through their unique hiring process and prepare them for career success. Additionally, Get Recruited platforms are designed to keep the candidates engaged throughout the entire process of creating qualified candidates.


The Get recruited Platform enables your agency to partner with Colleges, Affinity Groups and Local school districts for job placement. Our mission is to leverage the power of technology to create access to opportunities. The Platform provides a approach to not just recruit but to retain. The platform allows job seekers, recruiters, Colleges, testing agencies and human resource personnel a tech space to engage.

Personalize Educational Pathways

Co-brand with local colleges and other educational Institutions to streamline their online and core classes. Leverage Recruitment pipelines and create unique learning pathways to local school districts and affinity groups.

Recruitment Marketing

Commit to a one stop shop recruitment platform. Establish relationships with your candidates and deliver Job opportunities, email campaigns and portals of communication to directly connect with Recruitment Staff, HR and IT.

Close Retention Gap

Improve hiring process performance and keep candidates engaged with preparation tools from the time they fill out the application to time of hire.

Increase Applicants

The Get Recruited Platforms increase the natural pipelines by utilizing a broader scope of marketing techniques. Our platforms recruit 365 days of the year from our partnered pipelines, social media and search engine strategies.

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